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Inspiration Design - EDITION 18

Check out the EDITION 18 catalogue to find inspiration among all of our products.


At Saneux we do our best to present you with the finest bathroom design ideas that will help materialize your ultimate modern bathroom fantasies. We provide you with a variety of inventive products that cater to different contemporary bathroom styles and give you the tools to design your own bathroom space and make it truly unique.


Our bathroom designs are created with our customers in mind. We offer top quality bathroom furniture and accessories, providing excellence, from the design stage, through the manufacturing process and installation. We care for even the smallest details and that’s why our products are distinguished by their quality and longevity.


When it comes to innovation, at Saneux we don’t hold back! We welcome change and we grow by exploring fresh and contemporary concepts, satisfying the gaps of the ever- growing industry. We take pride in developing new exciting ideas and products with innovative design and leading edge solutions.


As an ethical and eco-friendly organization, Saneux takes environmental consciousness and equality in the workplace very seriously. We take action by creating WRAS approved products, introducing recycling in our production process and creating a healthy and pleasant environment for our staff, amongst other things.




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